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Originale Kidmohair sock

The star of L'Angelaine's Kidmohair socks collection! Natural fiber, humidity protection, anty-blister appeal, incomparable warmth.
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The Kidmohair Originale sock has become indispensable over the years!

Original sock composition : 

Inside the sock :
  • Super soft inner Kidmohair loop knit. A natural and renewable fibre produce by the kid Angora goat.
Outside the sock
  • Robust nylon outer mesh

 Kidmohair Originale sock characteristics

  • Humidity protection (absorbs 4 times more than cotton)
  • Anti-blister appeal
  • Incomparable warmth
  • Very strong
  • The Kidmohair is a very soft fibre

The mohair fibre has a hair-like structure ; and feels and reacts differently than wool. The few scales around the mohair cortex are large, round and tightly wrapped, wich enhances its odor and perspiration-resistance nature by hindering the infiltration of bacteria.

The Originale Kidmohair sock is perfect for : 

  • All types of skiing
  • Snowshoe
  • Trekking
  • Skidoo
  • Walking
  • Outside workers

Our socks are used by many quebeckers explorers. They need performant products to acheive their goals!

Bernard Voyer is one of the famous explorers who uses our Kidmohair socks.
L'Angélaine is the official supplier of the Bernard Voyer expeditions.

"L'Angélaine, a companion in adventure."
-Bernard Voyer.

75% Kidmohair, 25% nylon.




Hand or machine wash, delicate cycle in a mesh laundry bag.

Wash and rinse in tepid water using mild soap.

Dry flat at room temperature.